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The emergence of industries 4.0 and 5.0 requires companies to take a proactive approach. This will allow companies to identify their type of assets and the threats they face. This approach will make data and applications securely accessible, taking into account their confidentiality, integrity and availability. As a result, SMEs will need high-performance, secure technology services and solutions with better Total cost of ownership.  Why not make technology and related services simple and affordable for every SMEs ? Hence our approach:
USA (Understand - Selection - Assess).

Checklist  Understand
As every SME is unique, every SME must have an approach tailored to its operational objectives. To gain a better understanding of the business objectives of each SME, we conduct a brief analysis of the information collected, and then recommend solutions and services deemed essential and relevant for the SMEs.
Checklist  Selection
Once understood, the choice of technology must ensure that the goals of each SME are met in the most cost-effective and secure manner possible. It is an obligation to be able to associate our solutions with the real needs of our customers.
Checklist  Assess
Each product or solution is assessed by our specialists in our POC environment, in the most optimal way possible to guarantee their conformity as well as their specific use.


As businesses rely increasingly on technology, the risk of cyber-attacks and security breaches increases.
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IP Telephony
IP Telephony
Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional telephony and hello to the future of telecommunications with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).
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WIFI Network Management
The comprehensive solution that guarantees seamless connectivity and unparalleled convenience.
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Others services
We also offer secure access management and structured cabling services for a reliable and efficient network infrastructure.
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Project Management, Senior Advisor in IP telephony at ISC-Telecom
Jean-Donald from SIPVM does meticulous, tested, uncompromising and well-documented work!

Industrial Mechanic Manager at Kraft Heinz
Innovative and very proactive company. Respect of deadlines and service adapted to my needs. Kudos!

Financial Security Advisor at SFL
For fast and professional service, I definitely recommend SIPVM. Thank you for your good work!

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