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Detect, Protect and Respond – Understanding the Basics of Cybersecurity

Published on April 10, 2023 by Jean Donald VERZILUS

Les solutions de cybersécurité sont habituellement des services assez complexes qui consistent en de multiples outils, stratégies et procédures. Mais tout le processus du cycle de vie de la cybersécurité peut en fait être résumé en trois actions principales : détecter, protéger et réagir.

1. Detect
The first step of cybersecurity is the detection of a threat or an irregularity in the system. Early detection and identification are crucial to adequately containing the problem. It is very important that your security system be able to pinpoint these threats before they even begin to hatch and turn into a massive disaster for your business.

2. Protect
The protection stage actually happens multiple times throughout the cycle. First, there should be a secure and reliable data backup and recovery plan in place, which should already be set up from the start. In case a cyberattack does happen, the backup should be ready.

Also part of the protection stage is the proper training of employees with regards to what they should do in case of an online attack, as well as preventive measures on how to keep these attacks at bay.

Another crucial component of the protection portion is the use of a variety of cybersecurity tools like a firewall, a VPN, a monitoring solution, and so on.

3. Respond
Finally, if a threat has indeed been detected, the necessary action should be taken immediately in order to minimize potential damage. The problem must be contained as much as possible.

In case a data breach does take place, the incident must be reported to authorities right away, as this is required by law. Likewise, all stakeholders, and other affected parties must be duly notified of the breach. Meanwhile, the disaster recovery strategy should also be implemented at this point so that the business will be able to return to normal operations at the soonest time possible.